William Shakespeare once said, "Suit the action to the word and the word to the action." Great leaders don't always come by this skill set naturally.

One on one presence and communication coaching is a powerful way to learn what habits and behaviors are holding you back.

At Voce Veritas we focus on creating awareness of your habits, (breath, posture, gesture, content and mind set) generating new behaviors and developing clear, concise, congruent messaging.


Whether it's a lunch and learn, half, full or two day workshop, tailor-made innovative courses can be developed for your leadership team with our colleagues at Ariel. 

"We're here to set your true voice free."



Speech writing

Voce Veritas means "True Voice" in Latin. While the company name may be a mouthful, it has a deep and profound meaning for founder Catherine Glynn. As a student at UT Austin, Catherine passed the main building every day. The words "Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set Ye Free" emblazoned upon the portal became a mantra for her. Her pursuit of excellence in communications and the arts is now her passion. 

First and foremost we focus on intuition--are we the right fit? Secondly, we always cater to your specific needs and learning style. Whether it's from the outside in or from the inside out at Voce Veritas, we will provide insight and training for committed professionals who wish to practice what they preach. 

Our presence coaching utilizes what Futurist Jack Uldrich calls "The Big AHA." We begin with Awareness of habits. Then we move forward with a sense of Humility and desire for wisdom. Lastly, we ensure the change sticks by creating practical Action, (i.e. It takes consistent practice to transform yourself as a leader!) Once you wrap yourself around the concept of setting your literal and figurative voice free, you'll see there's no other way to be.


Are you in need of a powerful, game-changing presentation? Founder Catherine Glynn specializes in speech writing for her top tier clients.

Using your ideas, Catherine will create a commanding and persuasive speech that will leave audience members riveted.

Pairing speech writing with one on one coaching for a full impact presentation is highly recommended.


Executive Communication & Presence Coaching

Voce Veritas

Voce Veritas is a Diverse, Inclusive, Accepting, Welcoming, Safe Space for Everyone.

Founder & Director   Catherine Glynn